About Us
We are a small Hobby/Show breeder located in Waynesville, MO.  We moved to the area to relocate to the country life setting.  We felt like our bullies would love the country setting and would give them more room to take over as they do anywhere they are. We had always wanted to own a bulldog and we are fortunate that both of us are animal lovers.  After doing long extensive research on the breed, we decided to purchase our first 2 females (Ozark Mountain Hailey Dawn and Ozark Mountain Hannah Jo) as puppies.  I have to say after owning a bulldog, we don't think we could ever have another breed.  They are so comical,loving,and will always be your best friend.  We raise only English Bulldogs and want to strive for the highest quality in bloodlines, health, conformation, temperament and doing what we can to improve the breed.  There's a lot of planning and careful thinking that go into our breedings.  Our theory is that we want to breed our next show dog.  We take pride in our bulldogs and give them the very best.  We have happy customers that will give a reference if needed.

We have an excellent Veterinarian and a mentor that has specialized in bulldogs for years. We will give you his number if you would like a reference.